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Rose remembers her initial meeting with her editor


Excerpt from the novel, “A Friend Request,” by C L Gillmore.

Rose remembers the initial meeting with her soon-to-be editor, Kathryn Harmon…

I remembered Kathryn’s words to me at our first meeting as we discussed my writing and poetry. After reading several pages, she looked over at me through tear-filled eyes. She reached across the table and placed her hand on my forearm.

“Rose, you have a talent. The words of your poems touched my heart, made a connection. You need to write full time. Let me help you.”

And then she asked, “Who is the person, the lover, the muse you write about? Who is it that fills your life with color once again?”

I told her about Jake. She told me about someone in her life. We were the only ones who knew. It was like sharing a secret between sisters again.

From then on Kathryn and I clicked. She understood. I understood. And that’s all that really mattered.

We were both at crossroads—waiting for the red light to change to green. Both empty nesters with marriages in transition. Both embarking on new careers. Both rediscovering talents put on hold in lieu of marriage and motherhood… lovely and rewarding careers we treasured…but seasonal.

As the colors of one season changed and gave way to another season’s hues…our lives changed as well.

For Kathryn and I…it was the time of the season to search for long ago dreams…the time of the season for love.