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Award Winning Ginny Rorby

Ginny Rorby is another new friend I met in St. Louis at the NAEP Writer’s Conference this past week. She is the author of 4 young adult novels and has been nominated and won several writing awards…and such a sweet person! I hope you’ll visit her blog. I love it!

Ginny’s Friends


NAEP Writing Standards Conference


Day Two of the NAEP Writing Standards Conference in St. Louis is over and I am exhausted! All of us have taken in so much information in the past 48 hours it is hard to process. It is so interesting to learn more about the writing process through individual student work. It’s been a pleasure meeting and talking with so many new and interesting people from all over our country who share this commonality of writing. I’m very grateful for this opportunity. IT SNOWED HERE LAST NIGHT! Just a light dusting, but it was beautiful to walk in and wake up to this morning. Br-r-r-r!

We’re not in Arizona anymore, Toto!

Day One in St. Louis

In St. Louis at the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton, Missouri ready for my first day as an NAEP panelist. I checked the agenda and we start off by taking an WRITING EXAM at 9:30! Geez…It’s been awhile is all I can say. Went out to dinner with three great women last night…one from NYC, one from Michigan and one from Tennessee. I’m looking forward to meeting the other 54 panelists this morning. Pictures later!