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A Friend Request…

“We drove the muscle cars, experimented with the drugs, established an entirely new wave of fashion design, wrote the lyrics, listened to and became some of the most coveted song writers and bands of all time. We wrote the poetry, the novels, the screenplays and then directed and produced the films of a generation.  We burned our bras, our draft cards, rocked at Woodstock, Monterey, and Wadena, protested for civil rights, protested against the inhumanity of war and corrupt government. We buried our high school sweethearts as they came home in flag draped coffins from Vietnam. We watched as a President, a Senator, a civil rights leader and student protesters died for what we believed in and protested for. We watched a corrupt President fall. We took that small step and giant leap as a man walked on the moon one summer night.

We broke away from everything our parents taught us and revered.  And even today our music, our lingo, our movies, our style of clothing, our cars, and our way of thinking continues on.

We became our own generation and continue to influence history even today. We lived the stories that are yet to be told—life stories from our hearts and souls.  Stories that our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren need to hear and read and take into their hearts and souls.

Each one of us has a story to tell from our own life’s experiences.  Each one of us has a history that was influenced by that moment in time called the ‘60s.”

From the novel A Friend Request by C. L. Gillmore

“What’s Goin On? By Marvin Gaye