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rhubarb pie

Rhubarb leaf hats…

~Excerpt from “Childhood Sanctuary” by C L Gillmore

“I leave the stone steps behind and follow the well-worn path deeper into the backyard as it meanders beneath the blossoming apple, pear and persimmon trees. I feel the wind in my hair as pink and white blossoms rain down on me and cover the path beneath my feet.

I stop, close my eyes and daydream.

I am the princess bride, dressed in a long, lacy white gown, walking down the aisle to meet my prince. He is tall and handsome and dressed in lovely clothes. He sweeps me up onto his white horse and carries me far away. We live happily ever after.

Dreamers always live happily ever after.

Smiling, I open my eyes and continue walking the blossom-covered path that ends at the rhubarb patch. Grandpa calls it rhubarb. Grandma calls it pie plant. Maybe it’s because she makes really yummy strawberry-rhubarb pies from it.

The big clumps of rhubarb grow in two, long staggered lines, one in front of the other. The thick red stalks look like celery and each is topped with a huge, dark green ruffled leaf. Grandpa says the leaves are poisonous and never to eat them…so instead, I make lovely, giant rhubarb leaf hats for me and Grandma and the cat.”