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The Muscatine Journal Features C.L. Gillmore ~ Returning to Her Roots


MUSCATINE, Iowa – An author’s bond with her past prose helped forge her role as a professional wordsmith. Now, she’s returning home to Muscatine to reconnect with friends and family – including one friend who might just bring back a flood of memories.

When Cheryl Gillmore Kobel returns to Muscatine for her 45th class reunion, her classmates can read about what she’s been up to – under her pen name of C.L. Gillmore.

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One Final Season

Lay me down and let your love wash gently over me.
Soothe me softly with that low, steady voice of reason.
Strip all the craziness away and let me just float free.
Heart to heart, soul to soul…if only for one final season.

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One Act Play

Dim the lights, raise the curtain…let the action begin.
The one act play is about to spin…again and again and again.

Intimate moments remembered,
Down to the smallest detail.
Whispered fantasies softly stirred.
Gently he pulled back the veil.

An outlined script created,
Rehearsed on the stage in his mind.
Adapted from lines that were fated,
Performed once then left behind.

Dim the lights, raise the curtain…let the action begin.
The one act play is about to spin…again, and again, and again.

~ Poem excerpt from “A Friend Request” by C L Gillmore

Heartfelt Reviews…

I wanted to share this heartfelt review with you today and thank all of you who have taken the time to write and review my book(s). For the most part I have gotten great reviews, but every so often an author gets one that makes them question their very worth as an author. Many of you understood this and came to my defense through your comments. You will never know how much this has meant to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Cheryl 

5.0 out of 5 stars A Life Changer, February 13, 2012
Ima Berle Eva – See all my reviews

This review is from: Uncommon Bond (Paperback)

Anyone who has ever loved and lost will understand the essence of this book! For me, it was an early love which was later, sadly lost. Quite by chance,and more than three decades later we were once again united through long distance. Our regular and lengthy conversations have helped us realize that we still care for one another and that the passage of time did not erase the feelings we once held.

For most of my adult life I had quickly pushed aside any feelings of that early love, thinking that it was wrong. I felt guilty and often fell victim to self loathing. “Uncommon Bond” helped me uncover those feelings, and most importantly, feel validated for the love I still feel deep in my soul.

Words cannot express the joy I felt in learning that it is OK to express these feelings and to allow myself to feel the joy of loving again. Thanks to C.L. Gillmore for bringing this type of joy and love back into my life through Rose and Jake.

In the final season of my life I feel comfort and fulfillment in knowing that my personal journey has brought me full circle back to my precious love of so long ago.

Ima Berle Eva

Selected for the 2011 NAEP Writing Panel!


I am so-o-o-o excited!! I just found out yesterday that I was nominated and selected as one of 60 panelists who will participate in a standard-setting meeting for the 2011 NAEP for Writing at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in St. Louis, MO, on February 7-11, 2012. I leave Monday!! Whoo-hoo! Now have to figure out how to cram a weeks worth of my “everything” into ONE BAG!


Music and a Memory…

Excerpt from A Friend Request by C L Gillmore

Rose recalls her mother’s love of music:

“I loved music…all kinds of music and I knew that love of music came from my mother. She sang and played the piano and encouraged me to sing and take piano lessons whenever we were somewhere long enough. It was one of the few things we did together. She would play the piano and I would sit next to her and we would sing. She had a beautiful voice and I loved to watch her hands on the piano keys.

She had such pretty hands with long, graceful “piano” fingers, as she called them, and could stretch her thumb and pinky to easily span an octave or more on the keyboard. I looked down at my hands and stretched my thumb and pinky. I had her hands and her piano fingers. I had her voice too.

I sang and played in high school and now I was doing even more in college. This was a good memory of my mother for me. I was grateful now that I could play and sing. I was grateful to her.”



Special friends are like flowers in an every growing bouquet, gathered one by one through out your life.  Each one unique within the arrangement…yet together make the loveliest remembrance.

Forever Sunflower Friends

Each and every letter I penned
Began in much the same way:
“On behalf of seventy special students today
Could you help and be a Sunflower’s Friend?

For over the years, our numbers have grown
And now we need a place of our own.
A place where wheelchairs can come and go,
And fragile friends can swing to and fro.

A place to explore on hand and knee,
With things to touch when eyes cannot see.
Where trickling waters and fine white sands
Sift and flow over stiff, small hands.

A place where a special child can just be a kid.
To watch, to play, to dream at their bid,
With the sun in their faces, and the wind in their hair.
Unique gifts from God’s hand with so much to share.

Words seem so inadequate and somehow don’t relay
Just how very thankful we are to all of you each day.
For you truly caught our vision, you truly saw their need.
And now you will ever be Forever Sunflower Friends, indeed!”

–    C L Gillmore Copyright 2010

Thank You For Being a Friend

My First Book Signing Was AWESOME!

I wanted to thank the more than 65+ family, friends & fans who came to the Book Signing and Artist’s Reception last evening. It was an absolutely beautiful night and a joy to be a part of. An author has only ONE “first book signing” and each of you made that evening one that I will treasure in my heart forever. Thank you so much!