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sensual sounds

I looked into his eyes those beautiful blue eyes



Excerpt from the novel, A Friend Request, by C L Gillmore.

I looked into his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes, and saw something I hadn’t seen before. Something different, something more. More than friendship. He couldn’t hide it. He didn’t try to hide it.

I watched his mouth come closer and closer to mine until finally his lips brushed softly across mine—so softly, back and forth, nibbling and coaxing—his hand curled over the back of my head controlling just the right amount of pressure and direction. My eyes closed from sheer pleasure, and I let my brain shift to the other senses: the touch of his lips on mine, his hands entwined in my hair, the other caressing my back, while his chest pressed tightly against my breasts. I heard the sensual sounds of the kisses, his breathing, his heartbeat. I savored the smell of his cologne, his scent, the taste of his lips, his mouth touching mine.