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sexually charged

It was mind-blowing, life changing and beautiful

You rocked me once in innocence with young, trembling hands,
And gave me a reason to trust again by making no demands.
Now let me sink slowly under your soul… warm, close and tight.
Hold me within your arms through this long, wondrous night.

texting and chatting intimacies

Our most intimate thoughts

Every word we ever read or thought about privately came floating onto our chat screen or phone texts.  And the words were often sexually charged and explicit but always interwoven with simple words of love and reassurance on both our parts.  It was mind-blowing, life changing and it was lovely and beautiful at the same time.  But we both knew at some point in this exchange of intimacies over the course of our relationship, something had to give.

Excerpt from “Uncommon Bond” a novel by CL Gillmore