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There are sounds…

“There are sounds to seasons. There are sounds to places, and there are sounds to every time in one’s life.” Alison Wyrley Birch


“…And then the call was over and I was alone.  But now I had the memory of Jake’s voice swirling in my head and in my heart.  Now, when we would chat or text, I knew I would hear his voice saying the words to me as he typed and he would hear my voice as well.  Tears again, and wave after wave of emotion as I lay there in the dark, clutching my phone in my hand, thinking about Jake, remembering the voice that whispered in my ears so very long ago and made me tremble.  And now tonight I heard that same voice whisper in my ears.  And once again he made me tremble.”

–From Uncommon Bond by C. L. Gillmore

The Sound of Music Tour