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special needs

A Special Symphony


If I could place one single note
On a magical musical staff
To represent each precious child
I’ve had the pleasure to teach.
I’d create the loveliest symphony
Forever on their behalf
And fill the air with wonder and joy
As far as the music would reach.

I’d arrange it in the key of C
For courage to remind us all
That God is ever mindful of them
And the daily struggles they face.
Then I’d set it in three quarter time
And waltz at the wheelchair ball
As little ones spin and tiptoe twirl
Dancing in elegant grace.

A pure and simple melody line
Composed of notes from the soul
Would fill the earth with peace and love
For all His children everywhere.
That they may live with hope today
As they strive to reach each goal
Becoming part of the symphony
That floats on the wind as prayer.

–from “Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes”
by C. L. Gillmore