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Designs our Lives are Weaving …


“You were there when I needed you. You stood above all of the others with your strength and you guided me. To each of you I offer my being, my love and all that I am.” – Deidra Sarault


We need both the rough times and the soft shoulders of a friend. They contribute equally to the designs our lives are weaving. The rough times press us to pray, to reach out to others for solace. And our pain gives others the chance to heal our wounds. We are all healers offering strength. And we all need healing…

Gary Wright – Dream Weaver


Personal Tapestry

Personal Tapestry

“Everything that happens and everyone we come in contact with during a lifetime becomes a part of our personal tapestry, woven into our fiber—weak and strong, resilient and fragile, colorful and subdued, fantasy and reality.  They all blend together into one final piece that covers us—comforts, protects and shelters us.  I was thankful to be able to look back and now forward and see so much of this.  Looking forward, I see that tapestry rests on our shoulders while still being able to take on new threads. The past is as important as the future in the weave of the fabric.  And fantasy and reality continue to be a necessity for our psyche.  You can’t get lost in either, but I knew from experience that a little of both keeps you sane.”

My quote from the novel Uncommon Bond…

by CL Gillmore

“Tapestry” by Carole King