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This is how the writing happens…

I spent most of the day at Paradise Bakery working on the sequel to Uncommon Bond. I now have three chapters nearly completed…16,000+ words. Folded the prologue into Chapter 1 so now I will need to write a new prologue. That’s kind of how I work…from a loose outline that lets my mind and heart wander around a bit. I know that’s not how most authors work/write but it seems to work best for me…. I’m kind of unconventional in a lot of ways I guess. I love getting into that “zone” and stepping into the pages of the novel as it takes shape around me through the actions and feelings of the characters. It’s like the lines from my poem Depths of Matchless Recall…”In my youth I was a dreamer, imagination my best friend. My mind could safely take me places and bring me back again.” This is how the writing happens…how the poems and novels come to be.

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