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To Everything There is a Season…

To Everything There is a Season…As I look back over the seasons of my life I find it has been key people, walking in and out, who have made all the difference.

My Gift to You

I’m amazed when I stop to think about key people in my life,
And how they’ve always seemed to be there over the years.
When I’ve been afraid or lost my way, someone was always there
Crossing my path, extending a hand, in good times and in strife.

A special little boy with tear-stained cheeks inspired me to teach,
‘To smile through the tears and reach for courage way down deep.
A second grade teacher with beautiful pictures encouraged me to write.
She gave me the tools that would help me through long, difficult nights.

And when I found the note from Mom and knew she was finally gone,
I lay on the floor, hugging my dog, until darkness changed to dawn.
And then there they were, this mother and dad, reaching out to me.
Making me apart of a loving family as if they had heard my plea.

As these key people have happened by, I’ve finally stopped asking why.
And accept each one with gratitude for their place in my lifetime.
For each sweet soul who crossed my path and gave so unselfishly.
My gift to you is the people I’ve touched as you reached out to me.

– C L Gillmore Copyright 2011




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