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Trying to find that same fresh and new beginning…

Excerpt from A Friend Request by C L Gillmore

Rose recalls watching her mother… 

“I lived alone in a furnished upstairs, three bedroom and bath apartment on a quiet residential street in my hometown of Macomb. It was small but comfortable and I was used to living in apartments.

I remember my mom fixing up several apartments we lived in over the years, to make them more livable, more like a home. If the floors were bad, she would buy inexpensive linoleum to cover them. Our kitchen floor always seemed to have some sort of large checkered pattern, the bedrooms, a more subdued floral or neutral pattern. I thought the shiny new linoleum was beautiful and pretended to be a famous dancer as I twirled and slid across the slick new floors with my imaginary partner.

Mom bought rolls of wallpaper and matching border for each room. I watched her measure, cut, paste and hang each piece and then climb up onto a kitchen chair to carefully attach the pasted border along the top, finishing each room. Sometimes she would let me cut along the penciled lines or help spread the wallpaper paste with a big brush. I loved to help.

When the wallpapering was finished she would paint all of the woodwork a bright white enamel. To this day I don’t know how she found extra money to buy the linoleum, wallpaper or paint. I can only imagine.

I asked her one time how she learned to do all of this, laying and cutting the linoleum, the wallpapering, the painting. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “Your daddy and I used to do this together. He showed me how.” I don’t remember her talking about him again other than that one time but I knew when I looked into her face how much she missed him.

I can still remember the scent of new linoleum, freshly hung wallpaper and enamel paint. It made those old, well-worn apartments seem fresh and new. I think it was my mom’s way of starting over each time…trying to find that same fresh and new beginning with someone else other than my dad.”