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Vinyl voices filled our apartment…

From A Friend Request, sequel novel to Uncommon Bond…

Through the years our apartments were filled with sounds of the latest hits on the radio or by the vinyl voices of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett or maybe Jim Reeves drifting from the record player. My mom saved up enough money over the months from her checks as a waitress and then secretary to buy a stereophonic record player. Stereophonic sound and records specifically recorded in stereo was quite an innovation back in the day and we were on the cutting edge!


One Saturday morning Mom brought the stereo home and I helped unpack it from the large cardboard box. The turntable case was avocado green and the speakers were covered in a matching tweed fabric. It had a diamond needle and I remembered thinking how expensive that sounded. We carefully followed the pictures on the instruction sheet and strategically placed the turntable in the middle of the wall in our small living room. Next we arranged the two speakers at equal distance on each side for optimum division of sound. The first record album we listened to on the new stereo was Nice ‘N Easy by Frank Sinatra. Frank sounded like he was performing right in our living room!

Nice “N” Easy – Frank Sinatra

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