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She wrote about the one thing she remembered from that weekend

hippy dancing

Excerpt from the sequel novel, “A Friend Request,” by C L Gillmore

Jake finds a poem from Rose in a FB message…

I pulled up the message from Rose and found another poem waiting. No explanation…just the poem.

Beautiful Bell-Bottomed Boy

Shirtless, bronzed, bell-bottomed boy,
Beautiful, young and lean.
Soft, silken coffee-brown hair,
Wind-swept, wild and free.

Graceful, fluid, outstretched arms,
Expressive, gentle hands.
Lovely, curved, sensuous hips,
Legs strong, slender and tan.

Rocked by the gods of music and freedom,
Swaying in rhythmic jubilation.
High on life and love’s sweet passion,
He danced for her in celebration.

One girl alone was hypnotized,
In the midst of a thousand faces.
Her eyes linked to his piercing blue eyes,
And put her own feet in his paces.

Gone are the days of the young summer sultan,
And the girl who watched him with joy.
He dances forever within her heart,
Beautiful bell-bottomed boy.
~By Rose Allison~

She wrote about the one thing she remembered from that weekend. And what she remembered was me.

I read the poem, then read it again…repeating the last two lines…He dances forever within her heart, beautiful bell-bottomed boy.

I was the beautiful bell-bottomed boy she remembered that weekend so long ago…better than I remembered myself. She closed her eyes and saw me…the way I looked back then…at my best, in my prime. She captured that moment in words…for herself, for me, for whoever read the poem.

No matter how old I got or after I was gone…I would forever be the beautiful bell-bottomed boy in the poem.

How many men had poems written for them…about them…by a woman who loved them? Not many I suspect.
Not many at all.

No matter what became of Rose or me or of the relationship…now there were words to mark our passing…our space and place in time. Much like the words in Rose’s diary…they validated us both.

Once we lived. Once we were here. Once we were young and in love. For one moment in time, we found a place to be together in one another’s heart.

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